Croatian Food – Festive-season recipe: Franch salad (Francuska Salata)

Croatian Food – Festive-season recipe: Franch salad (Francuska Salata)

Frans salad in a boowl

French salad – (Olivier salad) is a side dish (or salad like its name said) that is inevitable during Christmas and New Years in all areas of Croatia. This salad is so tasty and true queen of every festive table. It goes well with almost everything, ingredients are easy to find and it is not complicated to make at all, so will you give it a try?

450g peas
400g mayonnaise
400g potatoes
400g carrots
200g gherkins
3 eggs
1 tablespoon of mustard
20ml lemon juice
Pinch of salt and white pepper
Optional: one apple and 100g sour cream

1. Cook all the vegetables and cool down (cook potato in a peel if possible)

2. Cook the eggs (hard-boiled) and cool down

3. Now slice all the vegies, eggs and gherkins into small pieces

4. Putin all in a large bowl, add mustard, seasoning, lemon juice and mix well

5. Now add the mayonnaise, cream and apple if you want (this will bring freshnes)

6. Let it cool down in the fridge to serving

Also, try to prepare it with home-made mayo, like in this video: