11. February 2019.
Croatian Flag

Literal Translations of Croatian Cities – Try not to Laugh

This List Of Literally Translated Croatian City Names Will Totally Amaze You   Did you know that there are 7,106 different active languages in the world, […]
1. June 2018.
Kasjuni beach, Split, Croatia

Top 3 beaches in Split

1.Bačvice Bačvice is the nearest beach from city center (about 15 min walk). This beach is the most popular among tourists as well as locals. Traditionally […]
29. May 2018.
Korana River, Croatia

Rivers in Croatia

Rivers in Croatia belong to two basins: the Black Sea basin and Adriatic basin. About 62% of rivers in Croatia belong to the Black Sea basin, […]
27. May 2018.
Modro Lake, Croatia

Lakes of Croatia

Croatia’s most famous lakes are the Plitvice lakes. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the oldest and the largest national park in Croatia. In […]
29. April 2018.
Jugo, the wind on Adriatic

Winds on the Adriatic

The most common winds on the Adriatic are bura and jugo. The other winds include: maestral, levant, oštro, tramontana and others. Source Bura or Bora (NNE to […]
2. January 2018.
Frans salad in a boowl

Croatian Food – Festive-season recipe: Franch salad (Francuska Salata)

French salad – (Olivier salad) is a side dish (or salad like its name said) that is inevitable during Christmas and New Years in all areas […]