Literal Translations of Croatian Cities – Try not to Laugh

Literal Translations of Croatian Cities – Try not to Laugh

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This List Of Literally Translated Croatian City Names Will Totally Amaze You


Did you know that there are 7,106 different active languages in the world, and they can be translated into all sorts of things, as you might guess. We all know that language can be a complex and confusing thing that grows, develops and morphs over time as dialects mix and meanings blend.

On The Go Tours created a list of 191 major cities and their english translation, so we figured out the most of our city names sounds funny in english. To show how diverse and unique languages can be, we found a list of the most funny translation of Croatian cityes. Did you think Split was a funny name? Like, “let´s go to Split and we will split Banana split”. Well, try not to laugh while you discover literal translations of some other cities.

Don’t get this so serious, I am exaggerating and most of them sound pretty normal in croatian!

Like the phrase “You wish”, “Dream on” or “Hell no” literally translated to croatian would be “How Yes No”


Croatian – English

Pakoštane – Well who what no

Zadar – For the gift

Baška Voda – Just like Water

Dugi otok – Long island

Suhopolje – Dry field

Ston – Hundred n

Biograd na Moru – Was City on the sea

Zabok – ForHip

Omiš – O mouse

Pazin – Be careful n

Poreč  – Half word

Ploče – Records

Karlovac – Fight hunter

Turopolje – Ass field

Šibenik – Birch nick

Sisak – Tit k

Samobor – Only pine

Slavonski Brod – Slav ship

Šestanovac – 6th money

Mljet – Grind

Špičkovina – Š pussy wine


Now let’s get serious, and check this cute video of father and son teaching you some basic words in croatian.